Professional Biography

Well-known author, Philip Pullman says

‘We need books, time and silence. ”Thou shalt not” is soon forgotten, but “Once upon a time” lasts forever.’

I had never thought of becoming a writer. I was a teacher who loved reading, and reading to her classes and her own two daughters. Then I began to write little poems for my girls. After that, I tentatively attended a weekend writing course. My interest in writing grew. I was lucky enough to get a beginning with writing books and readers for an educational publisher.

I loved the challenge but soon came to know the difficulties of writing as well. Soon I was writing for other publishers as well. But there were more rejections than acceptances. It’s a hard lesson to learn that not everything you write is good or wanted by publishers. In time, I learned more about writing and my own writing began to improve. I studied, went to courses, read other authors’ works, joined writers’ groups, and of course, kept writing, reading and sending material out to publishers.

I’m thrilled that 80 of my books have now been published; they include picture books, poetry, short fiction, novels and non-fiction. Many books have been translated and won awards, including CBCA Honour Awards for Where does Thursday go?, Hoosh! Camels in Australia and Pilawuk- When I was Young. I have poems in 16 anthologies and also over 200 poems, stories, articles and plays in national and international children’s magazines. I continue to write stories and poems of my own, but sometimes also for publishers who commission me to write something specific.

I am passionate about children enjoying reading and becoming life-long readers and am an Ambassador for the Premier’s Reading Challenge, and a Role Model for the Books in Homes program. Throughout the year, I also travel to schools and libraries giving author sessions or workshops. I’m lucky to be a writer.

Personal Biography

I grew up in a small, red-bricked house with a big back yard, in the seaside city of Brighton, South Australia. My brother was older and I had a younger sister.


We got on okay. I always liked primary school, although I was often bored. We had few books to read in class and no library and we sat in our desks all day.


We occasionally had folk-dancing or marching but no special outdoor activities. I loved choir, and sewing or craft of any sort. And I was in all the top school sports’ teams. My favourite teacher was my Year 7 teacher, Miss Wiese, because she read us poems and stories.

At Brighton High, I loved English, French and Latin. At 16 I entered Wattle Park Teacher’s College where I did a two-year course in Primary School teaching. I loved being a teacher, but after approximately twenty years of teaching, and at different stages, acting in a children’s theatre company and recording television commercials and voice-overs for documentaries, I became a fulltime writer.

bio-pic-eI’ve travelled to many places in the world including Britain, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore, America, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada, South America, and I also lived for a month in a remote village in the Indian Himalayan Mountains.


I love to read, write and create. I’m keen on making mosaics, keeping fit by walking, swimming, yoga and aqua-classes, watching theatre or films, singing and gardening and spending time with my family and friends.



My husband and I live in Glenelg, in South Australia, still near the sea, and our two daughters and their families live close by.