Hi and welcome to my brand new site!

The new website looks great and I’m very excited to launch it. I hope you’ll check it out from time to time as I’ll be adding new books, news and blog posts often.

Now, what better way to kick off than with a revelation?

Guess what?


‘Who likes poetry?’ I asked in schools during Book Week. Battalions of hands shot up every time.

Poetry GIVES so much.

It involves language, senses, emotions, humour, subtlety, twists and playfulness.

tbn-tadpoles-in-the-torrensPoems are just like stories; some you like better than others. But let’s give kids more poems to enjoy. And how about this new anthology from Wakefield Press; Tadpoles in the Torrens.

It’s full of funny, wry, moving poems. Get yourself a copy and enjoy.

Chat again soon!


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