Celebrating Children’s Book Day

Let’s celebrate Children’s Book Day by finding out which books you read as a child. I was asked to name mine and here they are. What were yours?

I know I loved curling up with any Enid Blyton stories and there was a girl nurse series called Cherry Ames.  I also loved reading about brave people like The Small Woman by Pearl Buck (a true life David and Goliath story set in China) and daring people like Houdini. I know too I was given a copy of Little Women for one birthday which I read but not sure I really liked it at the time.

Because we had so few books in the home and I never went to a library, or had library books at school, the book choice was very limited, and a book for Christmas or birthday was very  much looked forward to. I would read dad’s adult Reader’s Digest books and at the age of 7 tried to read Charles Dickens’ Ye Old Curiosity Shop, which shows how much I wanted to read!

readers digestBecause I topped the class in year 7, my parents bought me a large Junior Reader’s Digest Omnibus which contained stories, articles, and poems and I devoured and treasured that book. Unfortunately in one of my many moves later in life, it was lost and it broke my heart. Luckily, some years later I came across another copy in an op-shop. I was thrilled and now have it back to look over the stories I read and re-read.

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