It’s great writing small!

By that, I don’t mean size 8 font, I mean writing less. Which means every word has to earn its place to be on the page. The challenge of the cull! The one hour agony of this word or that. So, it’s no wonder I like writing picture books, poetry, short stories and chapter books.

My latest stories were written specifically for Random House’s anthologies, just released, called Stories for Girls and Stories for Boys aimed for children 7+

One writing equation I’ve learned along my writing journey is this:
idea+ experience+ imagination = story.

stories-for-girls-smallSo, what was the idea behind Millie the Frog in Stories for Girls?

Millie dares to be different in the play that she, her best friend and her brother put on in Millie’s backyard. Not all princesses have to dress in pink frilly clothes! Especially if you’ve had a frog spell cast upon you – and you, like Millie, quite like being a frog.


The experience:

  • lots of dressing-up and performing in our back yard as a child.
  • loved mucking around in froggy, boggy creeks when young.

stories-for-boys-smallWhere did the idea for Archie the Superhero come from in Stories for Boys?

Archie believes he has superpower but when he helps his mum in her hour of need, he comes to realise that having superpower is perhaps doing something brave. Or . . . maybe he still has bigger dreams!

The experience:

  • My daughter was to due to have a baby and my older grandson wanted their family to be a Superhero family with each member being able to do something superheroic.
  • A hairdresser I knew believed that when he was young, people and their everyday existence only came to life when he entered the scene. When he was out of the scene, everything froze, became still life.
  • My new grandson was called Saxon and my new great-nephew was called Archie. Great names to use in the story.

What was missing? You guessed it.

After that, of course, came the editing, culling and polishing!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the background of my two, new, small stories!
*PS: in this case, small equated to 1000 words.

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