Review of Don’t Think About Purple Elephants

CROSS-PROMOTION: Three authors are celebrating and and helping to cross-promote each other’s new picture book, all out in April.

Here’s a REVIEW of Susan Whelan’s and Gwynneth Jones’ delightful book, Don’t Think About Elephants.

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dont-think-about-purple-elephants1-300x287We all have worries, but when Sophie is alone in bed at night, all her worries pop into her head and she doesn’t know what to do about them.

Poor Sophie struggles from lack of sleep and still the worries persist, despite all the good, helpful intentions from her caring family.

That is until Mum comes up with a rather an unusual idea! ‘DON’T think about purple elephants,’ she says.

Well, try as she might, not to think of purple elephants, all sorts of funny, friendly purple elephants start to fill Sophie’s nighttime thoughts. Soon there simply isn’t any room left for her worries!

So, Sophie’s happy, and since she’s sleeping better, she’s much brighter and bouncier next day. All thanks to those purple elephants that she wasn’t going to think about!

This is truly a delightful book that explodes with colour and energy and carries a wonderful, subtle message for anxious kids.

Written with fun and sensitivity by Susan Whelan, a writer, editor and Managing Editor of the highly-regarded children’s literature website, Kids’ Book Review, Don’t Think About Purple Elephants is boldly and brightly illustrated by Gwynneth Jones, who is also studying to be an art therapist.

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants is published by EK Books;, and available from and wherever good books are sold. RRP $24.95

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