Review: Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein and Judy Watson

resized_9781743314593_224_297_FitSquareCROSS-PROMOTION: Three authors are celebrating and and helping to cross-promote each other’s new picture book, all out in April.

Here’s a REVIEW of Katrina Germein’s and Judy Watson’s thundery book, called Thunderstorm Dancing.  See an earlier blog for Susan Whelan’s and Gwynneth Jones’ delightful book, Don’t Think About Elephants.

Both authors will be promoting my new picture book with Ann James: I’m a hungry dinosaur.

Check them out!

If ever there was a perfect title, this is it!

This is a picture book which takes us gently, cautiously at first, away from the quietness of the beach to the noise and boisterousness of a wild, cacophonous thunderstorm!

Soon, everyone in the family becomes part of the joyous frenzy of a thunderstorm dance – all, except the little girl. She’s the bystander to the action. Only when all is quiet does she shine, with her striped beach towel aloft, as a rainbow!

Katrina’s use of rhyme, rhythm and sensory imagery is a delight as are Judy’s evocative, energetic illustrations, which make the pages bounce with mood, movement and atmosphere.

I had the pleasure of launching this great book and encouraged the audience of Year 1 Students from St Teresa’s, Brighton. SA, to help celebrate the launch with their own thunderstorm dance!

Which they did. Great fun.

Thunderstorm Dancing is available from: or from any good booksellers. RRP: $24.99

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